Spark Summit 2013 notes

December 5th 2013

Keynote by Matei Zaharia

  • Spark is now one of the largest big data products out there surpassing hadoop in the number of active contributors in the last 6 months…

No one needs to know that ...

November 29th 2012

So, recently (more like yesterday), I was chatting with a person who I don’t really know. So without thinking a lot about it, I said hi. Now, I am not a very verbose person and my abilities of actually catching social queues is, well, let’s just say are not very polished. In any case, this person went on to point out how I have been quite inconsistent with my blog and haven’t posted anything in quite some time. This got me thinking and as this person is into the marketing side of things, so they do possibly have a different outlook on things and it might be very interesting to talk to them on the same topics I think about, I asked about their blog and something that they have written…

Introduced paul to heroku

October 25th 2012

Once upon a time… there was paul, who didn’t know about heroku.

And now he does!

PS: This is a test to show off heroku to paul.